Dr Ketas Mahajan

Dr. Ketas Mahajan is an established expert in the field of Arthroscopy , Sports Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. He has his exclusive clinic for Knee, Shoulder, elbow and Ankle Problems-Joint Care Arthroscopy center , and first of its kind with cutting edge technology in entire GUJARAT. This clinic is dedicated to orthpaedics sub speciality like , Joint Problems ,Ligament injuries and Sports medicine ,mostly Knee and shoulder joints and also related to Ankle, Elbow, Hip and Wrist. From very begning he was keenly interested in Arthroscopy & related “Key hole” surgery.

Special Interest

– Joint Replacement (Hip, Knee, Elbow, Shoulder)

– Arthroscopy (Knee, Shoulder, Wrist)

– Sports Injuries

– Complex Trauma

– Regenerative Medicine.

– Pain Management


Our aims to deliver Quality & Comprehensive care in field of Orthopaedics


To be a Global Choice of Destination for care, innovation in the field of Orthopaedics


Improving the health of the population, enhancing the experience and outcomes of the patient

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Do your knees hurt as you climb up the stairs? It could be the first sign of arthritis. The most common form of arthritis is Osteoarthritis which is caused by wear and tear of cartilage that helps our joints take the strain of bending, lifting, gripping and kneeling. It usually occurs in people 50 years of age and older and often in individuals with a family history of arthritis. The cartilage cushioning the bones of the hip wears away. The bones then rub against each other, causing hip pain and stiffness.

Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that allows a surgeon to look inside a joint using small cut with instruments the width of a pencil. Most people are aware of knee and shoulder arthroscopy, but the elbow joint has many conditions that can be treated with this procedure as well. The elbow is the joint that connects the upper arm bone and the forearm bones. Be-cause the cuts used with elbow arthroscopy are smaller and disrupt less soft tissue than conventional open Surgery, pain, swelling and stiffness are minimized, and recovery is often faster

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