Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in that orthopaedic surgeon use to visualise, diagnose, and treat problem inside the joints.

The word Arthroscopy comes from two Greek words, “Arthro” (Joint) and “Skopein” (Too look). The term literally means “To look within the joint.”

Why is Arthroscopy necessary?

Diagnosing Joint injuries and disease begins with thorough medical history, Physical Examination and usually x-rays.

Disease and injuries can damages bones, cartilages, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Some of the most frequent conditions founds during arthroscopic examinations of joints are:

  • Inflammation
  • Acute or chronic injuries
  • How Arthroscopy works

    A truly minimally invasive procedure “Arthroscopy” had changed the way joints of the body are looked into and treated. During the procedure an arthroscope is inserted into the joint through a very small incision. The scope is connected to a camera which in turn transmits images of the joint to a monitor.

    Through another small incision working intrument are inserted into the joints and procedure specific to the requireemnt of the particular condition is performed.

    Advantages of Arthroscopy Surgeries

    1. Minimally Invasive

    2. Less Scarring

    3. Faster Recovery

    4. Better evaluation of joints

    5. Less blood loss

    Joints where Arthroscopy used

    Technically possible to perform arthroscopy of any joint its most commonly used in joints like knee and shoulder. Other joints like hip, ankle and wrist are scoped frequently though to a lesser extent as compared to knee and shoulder.

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