Complex Trauma


When a severe Muscular injury occurs as a result of an auto crash, job or sport accident, fall or other reason the disciplines of Emergency or orthopaedics work closely to provide fast tretment. It means one type of Complex fracture is called a complex trauma.

Complex fracture

Complex fractures means breaks are more severe than a simple broken bone. Fractures are Considered to be complex when:

  • A bone or bones are broken into pieces, or more than one fracture occurs to a bone.
  • Surrounding soft tissue is severely damaged
  • Bone is lost
  • There are sever cartilage injury at joint
  • Joint dislocation has also occurred

Treatment for Complex trauma

Surgical options are available to stabilised complex Trauma and help bones heal. In order to prevent additional issues, it’s important that these fractures are addressed quickly.

Dr. Ketas Mahajan is Available for all complex Trauma related treatments.

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