Joint Replacements


Joint replacement means removing part or all of a damaged joint and installing hardware to allow the limb to move without pain or limitations. The replacements hardware called prosthesis. These are made of Plastic, metal, ceramic, or a combination of this materials.most joint replacements are performed to treat damage from arthritis to the knees or hips. Orthopaedic surgeons do the procedure under general anaesthesia.

The decision to replace a joint depend on several factors:-

  • How bad are the symptoms? Moderate to several pain, stiffness and limited function of the jointmay indicate the need for a new joint
  • How bad is the damaged to the joint? An x-ray or other imaging test can show if the bone and cartilage in the joint have deteriorated. The joint may also become misaligned. Moderate to severe joint damage is an indication for joint replacement.
  • Does the joint problem limit daily activities and compromise a person’s quality life? these too indicates that joint replacement is benefical.
  • Types Of Joint Replacements

    1.) Hip Replacement

    2.) Knee Replacement

    3.) Elbow Replacement

    4.) Shoulder Replacement

    How the Joint Replacements Works

    1) Before hospitalization/surgery: Complete pre-anaesthetic work-up in the form of ECG, urine tests, hematology and blood tests. Cross matching of blood for blood transfusion if required. Pre-operative Xrays of the affected joint, implant design selecting and templating i.e size-matching to the xray images.

    2) During hospitalization/surgery: The anesthetist will give you anesthesia which could be regional or general. Depending on the joint to be replaced the surgeon will expose the joint surface and replace the worn out part with artificial joint surface. Post surgery you will be shifted to recovery room until the numbness goes away or you are fully awake.

    3) Post hospitalization/surgery: – A dedicated rehabilitation program to achieve full function.

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