Sports Injuries


Weather you are highly trained athlete or weekend Warrior, there is always a chance you could get injured. Unfortunately when injuries happen it can be hard to know what you have tweaked or how to treat it.

What is Sport Medicine?

Injuries are very common during any sports activities. Sub-speciality of orthopaedic dealing with this kind of injuries is Sport Medicine. It deals with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patient who have suffered injuries during any athletic activities.

Why is Sport Medicine different?

Sports person are susceptible to very different kind of injuries as compared to those suffered during road traffic or other accidents. The major cause for injuries in sports persons are due to overworking or overloading of certain joints, ligaments, muscles and bones leading to varied strata of complaints. A thorough knowledge of these injures and the bio-mechanics is necessary to treat them.

Different kind of Sports Injuries

1. Hip Flexors strain

2. ACL tear or strain

3. Concussion

4. Groin Pull

5. Shin Splints

6. Sciatica

7. Hamstring Strain

8. Tennis or Golf elbow

9. Shoulder Injury

10. Patellofemoral Syndrome

Treatments For Sport Injuries

Treatments of this kind of injuries start with proper understanding of bio-mechanic physiology of the injured part. options varies from physical therapy, rest, orthotics and surgery.

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